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Thursday, 9 May 2019

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About The Other Half of Augusta Hope

Augusta Hope has never felt like she fits in.

And she’s right – she doesn’t. At six, she’s memorising the dictionary. At seven, she’s correcting her teachers. At eight, she spins the globe and picks her favourite country on the sound of its name: Burundi.

And now that she's an adult, Augusta has no interest in the goings-on of the small town where she lives with her parents and her beloved twin sister, Julia.

When an unspeakable tragedy upends everything in Augusta's life, she's propelled headfirst into the unknown. She's determined to find where she belongs – but what if her true home, and heart, are half a world away?


My review of The Other Half of Augusta Hope

What an absolute joy it was to read this book. This is a book about identity, finding your own way in the world and that it is okay to be different. It's about living life to the absolute fullest and snatching joy and those special moments whenever you can. It's a story about family, about sisters and of learning to love yourself.

We have two narrators in the book, two stories that take place on the opposite sides of the world. We have Augusta's story of how her childhood felt different to those around her, including her twin sister Julia. She is a bright little girl with her own unique opinions who is not afraid to speak her mind. She stands apart from others because of these differences in the quiet little cul de sac where she lives. Even from a young age she feels trapped, claustrophobic and wants to flee, to explore the exotic world out there. To go to Burundi, a place she has chosen simply because she loves how it sounds.

Parfait lives in Bundhi but dreams of travelling to Spain for a better life for him and his siblings. What follows is an extraordinary story of survival and friendship.

This is such a beautiful story that is very much character driven. We read about the close relationship between Augusta and Julia, and how they are very diffeent, Julia quiet and obedient while Augusta rebels and speaks her mind. But it's also a story of great adventures, of learning to fit into a world that seems strange and of wanting to be accepted for who you are.

The Other Half of Augusta Hope is one of those books that makes you laugh and then cry on the next page. It's thought provoking, it is witty and full of love. It's a captivating and truly remarkable story.

With thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the Advanced Reader Copy.

The Other Half of Augusta Hope is published on the 13th June by The Borough Press

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