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Monday, 20 May 2019

#TheThingsIKnow @MrsAmandaProwse

About The Things I Know 

Thomasina ‘Hitch’ Waycott loves living and working on the remote family farm and B&B. But she also wants more. To see the world. To own her own home. To fall madly in love.

But those are fairy tales, and if her life is a fairy tale, then she’s the ugly duckling. Her deformed lip, her crooked limbs and her weak heart have kept her from taking chances. But that’s about to change.

When Grayson Potts comes to stay, he’s unlike anyone Thomasina has ever met. He’s aloof, eccentric and exceptionally kind. He’s also totally unconcerned with the physical flaws that have always defined Thomasina.

The two form a bond that neither has had before. It’s possible that it could become something more, but Thomasina also wonders if it’s too good to be true. By putting her heart on the line, Thomasina may open herself to heartbreak. But she may also open herself to so much more.

My review of The Things I Know

The Things I Know is a book that touched my soul. What an absolutely magical and beautiful book about one young woman's fight to lead the life she truly desires. I loved every single page and was so sad when it came to an  end.

Thomasina 'Hitch' has been told all her life that she is different. That she doesn't conform to the notion of natural beauty because  of her disabilities and thst because of this she is somewhat less. The fact that she had been brought up to believe these things broke my heart. I so badly wanted her to break free and practically yelped for joy when Grayson appeared and the two formed a fierce friendship. 

The Things I Know is a tender story about finding that one person who knows us best and who accepts us for who we are. But with this kind of blossoming friendship comes the issue of trust. That of learning to trust and opening up ourselves to new emotions, feelings and experiences. All of these issues are beautifully and eloquently dealt with in the book. 

This story is also about taking a chance on life. That we all need to stand up for what we believe in and to listen to that inner voice that knows us best. Thomasina needs to follow her instincts, her heart and to live the life that she wants. Her brother is halfway around the world living his dream, her younger brother, so why is she living in the family home at the age of twenty four when she too wants to explore and travel the world? These are the questions that Thomasina asks and we follow her on her journey of discovery.  

This is such a special book.  Especially the message that it conveys to young women that it is okay to be different. The fact that you should embrace who you are, flaws and all, and that you are beautiful. No matter what the haters say. I loved this strong and powerful message that ran throughout the pages. 

Highly recommend. A joy to read.

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advanced Reader Copy.

The Things I Know is published by Lake Union on 11th June.

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