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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

#TheSpaceBetweenTime @claidlawauthor

About The Space Between Time

There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth...

Emma Maria Rossini appears to be the luckiest girl in the world. She's the daughter of a beautiful and loving mother, and her father is one of the most famous film actors of his generation. She's also the granddaughter of a rather eccentric and obscure Italian astrophysicist.

But as her seemingly charmed life begins to unravel, and Emma experiences love and tragedy, she ultimately finds solace in her once-derided grandfather's Theorem on the universe.

The Space Between Time is humorous and poignant and offers the metaphor that we are all connected, even to those we have loved and not quite lost.

My review of The Space Between Time 

I'll just start by saying that The Space Between Time is a beautiful and absorbing read that I thoroughly enjoyed. It's a book about the complexities of family life , of how we are shaped into our adult selves by what happens to us in childhood, and that at the end of the day, family is all we have got.

The story is told from Emma's point of view. We meet her as a little girl, as she tells her story of having a film star dad, a mother struggling to cope with it all and an Italian  grandfather whose work on the universe has been greatly ridiculed. We read about a little girl who is struggling to fit in, even though from the outside she seems to have it all. Hers is a dysfunctional life and what happens to her during these early years has a knock on effect in her adulthood.

This book is such an absorbing read. It is character driven, with rich, evocative writing that gets to the very soul of who Emma is. It's such a joy to follow her from childhood into adulthood, with her emotional and heart-wrenching story of how she craved for a mother's love and what happened in the days, weeks and years following what happened to her mother.

This book draws upon the humanity of forming relationships and friendship, but as an equal backstory we also have the grandfather's influence, in that fate also plays its part. It's a story about how we, as humans, are connected to each other, and to those that we have loved and lost.

The Space Between Time is a beautiful and evocative book. It's a story to be savoured, and to think about, long after you turn the final page.  

With thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to the publisher for sending me a paperback copy.

The Space Between Time is published by Accent Press on 20th June.

Meet the author

Charlie Laidlaw was born in Paisley and is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh. He has been a national newspaper journalist and worked in defence intelligence. He now runs his own marketing consultancy in East Lothian. He is married with two grown-up children. You can follow Charlie on Twitter @claidlawauthor

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