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Thursday, 4 July 2019

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About A Grave for Two 

Selma Falck has hit rock bottom. Having lost everything - her husband, her children and her high-flying job as a lawyer - in quick succession, she is holed up alone in a dingy apartment. That is until Jan Morell - the man who is to blame for her downfall - rings her doorbell, desperate to overturn a doping accusation against his daughter, Hege - Norway's best female skier. He'll drop his investigation into Selma, but only if she'll help... With just weeks until the Olympic qualifying rounds, clearing Hege's name, and getting Selma's own life back on track, seems impossible.

But when an elite male skier is found dead in suspicious circumstances, the post-mortem showing a link to Hege's case, it becomes clear to Selma that there is a sinister web of lies, corruption and scandals lurking in this highly competitive sport. As time starts to runs out, another person is found dead, and Selma realizes that her own life is at risk...

My review of A Grave For Two 

I love reading Norwegian crime and am a huge fan of Jo Nesbo. When I read the book info for A Grave for Two I knew I had to read it, and what an absolutely dark, absorbing and unsettling treat of a story. I loved it.

We meet Selma Falck, a successful lawyer who is slowly trying to rebuild her life after a catastrophic life changing event. I felt great empathy towards Selma, as we all make mistakes, but some of us seem to pay a greater price than others. 

We are then introduced to Hege, a professional skier who is accused of drug doping, and her father, Jan Morell who is fighting to prove her Innocence,. It is Jan who hires Selma to get to the truth of what happened. What happens next is a story of secrets, conspiracies, deception and murder. 

This is a story that hooks you in. Not only do you care for the characters, and in particular Selma, but there is that thirst for wanting to know the truth. The writing flows, and although a hefty read I flew through the pages as I was fully engrossed and committed to these characters. 

A Grave For Two is Norwegian crime at its very best. It's an intelligent read with a strong plot, a stunning Oslo backdrop and characters who get deep  into your soul. A wonderful read. 

With thanks to Readers First for the hardback copy. 

A Grave for Two is published by Corvus on 4 July 2019. 

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