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Monday, 22 July 2019

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About Trance 

His victims are powerless. He is in control. This is his revenge—and he’s only just begun.

Three university scientists are found dead in a gruesome murder-suicide, and the only suspect in the case, Victor Lazar, is quickly captured. When the spate of violent suicides follows him to prison he is moved to solitary confinement, reserved for the highest-risk inmates. And then his assigned psychologist inexplicably takes his own life.

Alex Madison, a former forensic psychologist turned private therapist, is brought in to interview Victor. He suspects that Victor is controlling his victims, somehow coaxing them into a suggestive trance. It seems like science fiction, but as Alex digs deeper he uncovers a frightening reality of secret research and cruel experimentation—and the perpetrators are closer to home than he could ever have imagined.

Too late, Alex learns the true extent of what Victor is capable of—and who he’s after. With everything he holds dear at risk, can Alex take control of a dangerous mind—before it takes control of him?

My review of Trance 

Trance is a compulsive thriller that grips you from the very first page. It's highly original, addictive and I was drawn into the murky world of Victor Lazar. I couldn't put this book down. 

The story begins with a gruesome murder of a university professor and within these first few pages there is a subtle twist that sets the tone and expectations of this dark and unsettling thriller. 

Alex Madison, a forensic psychologist, who now has his own private practice, is brought in to assess Victor, the major suspect, and now a prison inmate. What follows is a story that is rooted in past trauma and medical experiments. Victor's past truly is the stuff of science fiction, but it happened and is happening and Alex  finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into the mysterious world of Victor Lazar.

I loved this book. I loved the fact that it takes the theme of deep hypnotic trance and combines it with a cracking thriller of a read. It's dark, it's unsettling and it bubbles with tension. As I made my way through this book, I honestly didn't know who I could trust, and more importantly who Alex could trust. I raced through the pages, wanting Alex to find out the truth and to keep safe. 

Trance is a thoroughly enjoyable read. This book revolves around Victor Lazar, but Alex's story is equally interesting. He fascinated me, just as Victor did, and there was such pure excitement to be had when these two men met. 

I can't praise Trance highly enough. An original thriller that tackles some serious issues. It's menacing, it's unsettling and one addictive read.  

With thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the Advanced Reader Copy.

Trance was published by Thomas and Mercer on 1st July 

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