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Friday, 16 February 2018

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About Don't Make a Sound

You can't choose your family. Or can you? Meet the Bensons. A pleasant enough couple. They keep themselves to themselves. They wash their car, mow their lawn and pass the time of day with their neighbours. And they have a beautiful little girl called Daisy.

There's just one problem. Daisy doesn't belong to the Bensons. They stole her.

And now they've decided that Daisy needs a little brother or sister.

D. S. Nathan Cody is about to face his darkest and most terrifying case yet . . .

My review of Don't Make a Sound

Don't Make a Sound is the third book in the  DS Nathan Cody series and blimey what a fantastic read it is. This is one very dark, consuming and thoroughly enjoyable read.  I couldn't put it down. Really, I carried this bock everywhere with me, telling myself,  just one more chapter,  as I stirred the pasta sauce. This book got under my skin and kept me up late into the night devouring the pages. It's a fabulous read.  I'll just add that I haven't read the previous two books (but plan to do so over the summer) and this did not spoil my enjoyment of this book one little bit.

So, I was introduced to DS Nathan Cody and his partner DC Megan Webley and these two when working together were just hilarious. It was also obvious to me that there was a genuine spark between them. I enjoyed their banter and how they worked together on this case.

This book is dark and unsettling because it focuses upon the imprisonment of a little girl by a supposedly normal and happy couple. The subject matter is completely disturbing, it chilled me to the bone because it could so easily happen.

Malcolm and Harriet Benson are supposedly a normal middle aged couple who keep themselves to themselves,  and who on the outside look like any other married couple. But appearances can be deceiving, and the fact that Daisy,  the little girl who lives with them, is not actually their daughter made me feel a whole range of emotions. Anger, that they could get away with this, sympathy and heartache  for Daisy, as she was denied a normal childhood, and a great sense of unease because of the circumstances I was reading about.

We then have Cody, who investigates the case of a missing little girl. This is a tense storyline that highlighted the sheer determination and bravery of this police officer who wants more than anyting to find this missing girl. As I followed Cody in his search, I fell a little bit more in love with on every page.  But, I also knew that this case would change him, that it could break him, and my heart ached for him.

I loved this book. I loved the storyline about the missing girls,  the police search, and of how the families coped during these difficult times. I loved the description of Liverpool life and of how the police search led then to the Wirral (where I grew up). I loved the bond between Cody and Webley, and more than anything, this book kept me hooked on every single page

Don't Make a Sound is a remarkable book. It's a complete whirlwind of a read that fully immersed me. I love Cody. I love everything about him. And as for the ending,  well, it blew me away.

Don't Make a Sound is published by Bonnier Zaffre on 3 May 2018. It can be fond on Amazon here.

With thanks to the publisher and @Emily_BookPR for the Advanced Reader Copy.

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