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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

#HangmanBook @Daniel_P_Cole @TrapezeBooks

About Hangman

The new thriller from the bestselling author of Ragdoll

A detective with no one to trust
A killer with nothing to lose

18 months after the 'Ragdoll' murders, a body is found hanging from Brooklyn Bridge, the word 'BAIT' carved into the chest.

In London a copycat killer strikes, branded with the word 'PUPPET', forcing DCI Emily Baxter into an uneasy partnership with the detectives on the case, Special Agents Rouche and Curtis.

Each time they trace a suspect, the killer is one step ahead. With the body count rising on both sides of the Atlantic, can they learn to trust each other and identify who is holding the strings before it is too late?

My review of Hangman

From the very first page of Ragdoll I knew that I was reading something very exciting, and it soon became one of my favourite reads of last year. So, when I found out that the sequel,  Hangman, was to be released,  I was both excited and slightly apprehensive. Would I enjoy Hangman as much? Woukd it too live up to its hype?  Well, the good news is that Hangman is one cracking read and just as witty,  dark and engaging as it's predecessor. I will just mention that if you love Wolf (as I do) then you'll have to wait a little longer to read about him, as this book very much focuses upon Emily Baxter.

Hangman begins 18 months after the Ragdoll case and highlights the profound effect that that case had upon everyone,  especially Baxter who waa left realing at the end.

This book focuses upon a spate of copycat killers with the words Puppet and Bait etched into the bodies of those that are found. The case leads Baxter over to the States whete she joins forces with Special Branch to investigate the killings. Here she meets Agent Rouche and this brings both drama and humour to the novel.  I loved Baxter in Ragdoll, and she is just as interesting in this book. Wolf obviously dominated Ragdoll, but this book is all about Emily, and we learn so much more about her character.

I loved this book. Especially the dialogue and scenes between Baxter and Rouche. Once again, here is a very likeable and down to earth character that you just can't help but care about. He too has his own secrets and thoughout the novel, Baxter has to question if she can really trust him. I loved Rouche, just as much as Wolf. The good news is that Edmunds is in this novel and I've just got to say that I adore this character. He's funny, smart and always there for Baxter. In fact all three of these characters are what make this novel so highly addictive. That and the murder spree.

The book is deliciously dark with many laugh out moments. It's not for the faint hearted, and some scenes are particularly gruesome, but they are so well staged on the page. I could see them playing out so vividly in my mind and what I read took my breath away.

Hangman really is a fantastic follow up to Ragdoll and wonderfully sets up the the excitement for the third book in the trilogy.  If you loved Ragdoll,  then you will love this book. It's a delight to read.

With thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the Advanced Reader Copy.

Hangman is published by Trapeze on 22 Mar. 2018. It is available to buy from Amazon here.

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