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Friday, 20 April 2018

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About Theo

There are two sides to every love story. This is Theo's.

Theo Montgomery grew up in a rich family where he had all the toys and trinkets money could buy. But his childhood was full of neglect and he was bullied at school. Now he is an adult, he longs to find a soulmate. Someone who understands him. Someone who will love him unconditionally.

Then, one day, Theo meets Anna Cole in a lift. Anna grew up in a care home, and has always wanted to create the noisy family life she never had. She brings love and laughter into Theo's life. But she wants a baby, and Theo can't imagine bringing a child into this cruel world...

Theo and Anna are two damaged souls, from two different worlds. Is their love for each other enough to let go of the pain of their pasts? Or will Anna and Theo break each others' hearts?

My review of Theo

Oh my heart! When you pick up an Amanda Prowse novel you just know that you're in for a treat. This is such a beautiful book. I loved Anna, and this story was just as wonderful. This is the other half of the story, it is Theo's story.

As with Anna, we meet Theo as a young boy who attends a boarding school. The very same school that his father attended. We then follow him through his teenage years, into adulthood, and then when he eventually meets Anna. It is this transition from child to man that is vital to our understanding of this book. We need to understand how his childhood effected him,  life as an adult, and the decisions that he makes in life.

At the heart of this novel is the theme of family, both from the past and in the future. Anna and Theo, although from very different backgrounds, have suffered trauma and abuse as children, and it has shaped both of their futures and character, although in different ways. Anna has the yearning to be a mother, to have a family of her own. Theo cannot see himself as a dad, and it is this huge difference that could prove to be too big a  difference to fill.

My heart ached for these two characters. In my mind they were perfect for each other. Soulmates.  I just hoped that they could work out their differences. That love would be enough.

I fell in love with Theo while reading Anna, and these feelings blossomed while reading this book. I wanted to hug him as a little boy and tell him just how special he was. Then, as a man, I wanted to tell him that he had a good heart. That he would be okay. I really do feel that Ms Prowse tackles the subject of male mental health with gentleness, empathy, and kindness.

Theo is an absolute joy to read. It's a book with so much heart. It's a book about love, about hope, about finding that special someone who will love you unconditionally. This is such a special book. Read Anna, and then read Theo.

I purchased my own paperback copy.

Theo was publishrd by Head of Zeus on 5 April and is available from Amazon here.

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