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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

#TheLightBetweenUs @katie_khan @TransworldBooks

About The Light Between Us

Thea and Isaac first met at University. Theirs was an instant connection but it never went further than friendship.

Because, then and now, Thea only has eyes for her work. Not just her course, but also a private project - Thea is determined to prove that time travel is not just the stuff of science fiction. And she has never told anyone the reason why.

When one of their friends goes missing in an experiment, Isaac and Thea must work together to find her - forcing them to re-examine their own friendship.

Is it really as platonic as they used to think?

The Light Between Us is a story of unrequited love and second chances. It begs the dangerous question that we all ask ourselves - what could have been?

My review of The Light Between Us

I loved this book! I just wanted to start by stating that this has to be my favourite book of the year. I loved every word. It's magical, whimsical, heart-breaking and a love story as old as time. I didn't want to put this book down, and was so sad when it ended. In fact, I picked it up and started to read the first chapter again, and  I very rarely do that. That's how much I loved this book.

This book is rooted in science and time travel and unrequited love. It's about friendship, about doing the right thing and that a bunch of strong and educated women are a force to be reckoned wuwi. It's a breath of delightful fresh air.

At the heart of this breath-taking story are Thea and Isaac, who meet while they are undergraduates at Oxford. My heart skipped a beat while reading their first meeting. I knew that I was reading something special and couldn't wait to go on my journey with them. This book is ultimately about them. About how their friendship grows and shapes them over the following years. It's a love story based upon friendship and unlike any other I have read before.

It's also one hell of a time travel story. This is based upon the physics of light and using glass houses and prisms (which to be honest I didn't really undersrand) but to be honest I didn't need to, as I understood the story behind the science. I read dual storylines that examined the relationship between Thea and Isaac that completely took my breath away. It's when her experiment goes horribly wrong and a friend goes missing that Thea and Isaac join forces to find her.

The Light Between Us is a beautiful and entertaining read that features powerful female scientists who could change the world. Thea's life revolves around her time travel studies, it's her life's work and once you reach the end of the story you understand why this work is so important to her.

I loved every page, I loved Thea and Isaac and I know I'll return to this story again and again. It's magical, heart-breaking and such a joyous read. It also couldn't have ended any other way.

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advanced Reader Copy.

The Light Between Us was published on 9th August by Transworld.

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