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Monday, 6 August 2018

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About Whisky Tango Foxtrot

The laughter continues to flow in Gina Kirkham's brilliant sequel to the wonderful Handcuffs, Truncheon and a Polyester Thong.

Our hapless heroine Constable Mavis Upton is preparing to step down the aisle with her fiancé Joe, but has to deal with her temperamental teen daughter, as well as investigate a serial flasher on a push bike. Throw a diva drag queen into the mix and readers can expect the usual hilarious Mavis mishaps that made the first book such a hit.

Revel in Gina Kirkham's humorous, poignant and moving stories of an everyday girl who one day followed a dream.

My review of Whisky Tango Foxtrot

I'll just start by saying that I am a huge fan of Gina Kirkham's writing, after having read Handcuffs, Truncheon and a Polyester Thong last year. Whisky Tango Foxtrot,  picks up where the previous book finished. I loved this book. Mavis is like an old friend who you haven't seen in years, but after a few minutes the years just roll away. Mavis is such a likeable character, I really wish that I could sit and have a good old chat with her over a brew and a barrel of biscuits. But not, garibaldis. 

This book is full of scouse charm and warmth, it oozes out of every page. The scrapes that Mavis finds herself in are hilarious. But, there are a few more sombre scenes, that tell the reader clearly what the nitty gritty realities of the police are really like. I think this is why I love this book, and the previous book, so much. It is Ms Kirkham's ability to write with warmth, humour and compassion, all rolled into one.

We read about a flasher on a pushbike who rather likes donuts. We meet a diva drag queen and, the situations that Mavis finds herself in regarding her infamous thongs, are all laugh out loud. This is such clever writing. But, for me, the true joy of this book is in the more laid back moments, when we get to see the 'real' Mavis. The scenes when Mavis is talking to her dad who has Alzheimer's are particularly touching, and really helps to shed  light on how adult children care for their parent who has this disease, and the challenges they face. That's not to say that there isn't humour involving Mavis and her dad, because there is a lot of humour. As Mavis says, if you didnt laugh, you'd cry This book makes you feel every single emotion, but at the heart of this book is the love and devotion hat Mavis has for her family, her husband, dad and daughter, and her colleagues.

There are a wealth of colourful characters in this book. Percy in particular is a firm favourite. The not so clued up police officer, who you just can't help but like. Mavis though, is at the heart of the story. Mavis who finds herself in all of those tricky situations, who wears her heart on her sleeve and who you'd want to help you if you found yourself in trouble.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot was a sheer delight to read. It has everything, all delivered with great wit, humour and compassion. All the stars.

I purchased the Kindle version.

Whisky Tango Foxtriot was published bb Urbane Publications on 19 July. 

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  1. Oh I loved this book and Gina! The stories in books are so funny and laugh out loud too! I had to becareful and remember where I was when reading lol