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Thursday, 28 March 2019

#CallingMajorTom @davidmbarnett @TrapezeBooks

About Calling Major Tom 

Forty-something Thomas is very happy to be on his own, far away from other people and their problems. But beneath his grumpy exterior lies a story and a sadness that is familiar to us all. And he's about to encounter a family who will change his view of the world... for good.

My review of Calling Major Tom

I know I am very late to the Calling Major Tom party, but I am so glad that I read this book as it is utterly brilliant. It is a story gently told about all that is good about humanity and that no one deserves to be alone. It's a beautiful read.

Thomas Major lives alone and has shut himself away from the world. His gruff and brash exterior is a protective shell that he has perfected over the years, and which he thinks will protect him, even when alone in Space. But a phone call from an elderly woman back on Earth changes everything and what follows is a story full of love, honesty and humour.

This story explores human nature and that humans need other humans. We are social beings and no matter what life throws at us, we need to communicate and socialise with others. 

We have Major Tom all alone in Space and alone with his thoughts and beloved crosswords. He made me laugh and he made me cry. His deep rooted sadness clouded every aspect of his life, and it was so very easy to identify with him, the issues that he had faced in life. i warned to him instantly, he is a likeable character.

We then have the family back on Earth and their story of survival, of learning to cope with unexpected change and that kindness can express itself in many different ways. 

Calling Major Tom really is a wonderful treat of a book. It's a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging read that is good for the soul. I know that I shall read this book again and again. It has already become a firm favourite. 

Calling Major Tom is published by Trapeze. 

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