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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

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About Disturbance

You don't know what's going on in Sara's house... Or in her head.

Sara is lonely. No one talks to her - not even her bad-tempered workaholic husband or her two beloved sons. Her solace is her house, the biggest in the village, hidden away behind high hedges.

Then she strikes up a friendship with Katie, a college student living nearby, and a new world opens up. Her neighbours have been dying to get to know her, and they rush to help when Sara is devastated by a terrible accident.

But nothing is quite what it seems. And when new betrayals and shocking revelations disturb her peace, Sara realises she has no choice: she must act to protect the safety of those she loves.

My review of Disturbance 

Disturbance is a captivating read that I found extremely hard to put down. It's a book that simmers with secrets, uncertainty and a malevolence that is both disturbing and intriguing. From the very first page I had this unsettling feeling that something wasn't quite right, and this feeling blossomed into  a wonderful and twisted read. 

This is a story about family, and how that famiky is perceived by others. We never really know what goes on behind closed  doors and every family has its secrets, just as do Mike and Sara. It's also a story about the relationship between husband and wife, the role of the mother as perceived by society and a tale of love and obsession. 

This is a story with so many layers and it was such a joy to watch them slowly unfurl. As I read, I never knew who I could trust, nor who was telling the truth and this just added to my intrigue and feeling of unease. This is Sara's story, but can we believe what she tells us? Are all, this is only her version of events and every story has two sides. We then have Katie, the young neighbour and student who befriends Sara. She walks the dogs in the village and it is because of this that Sara slowly begins to interact with her community, to become part of it. Even though  Sara is mum to two teenage sons,  she has  kept herself very much  hicden, working and caring for her husband. Her life has been very much behind closed doors. 

This is a deliciously dark story that I thoroughly enjoyed. It really is a joyous read about the darker side of family life with a 'take my breath away' ending. 

With thanks to the publisher and Bookbridgr for the Advanced Reader Copy.

Disturbance Is published by 
Hodder and Stoughton on 21st March .

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