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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

#TheSix @LucaVeste @simonschusterUK

About The Six

The brilliant new novel from the author of the highly acclaimed The Bone Keeper.

Six friends trapped by one dark secret.

It was supposed to be our last weekend away as friends, before marriage and respectability beckoned. But what happened that Saturday changed everything.

In the middle of the night, someone died. The six of us promised each other we would not tell anyone about the body we buried.

But now the pact has been broken. And the killing has started again...

Who knows what we did? And what price will we pay?

My review of The Six

The Six is a serial killer thriller that hooked me from the very beginning. It's a story about friendship, about loyalty and deadly secrets. It's shocking, fast paced and has an ending that I simply didn't see coming. 

The Six is about a group of six friends, three couples, who are all approaching their thirtieth birthdays. Told from Matt's point of view, we are introduced to his girlfriend and four friends as they enjoy a festival weekend together, the last one before they all plan to settle down. But something goes terribly wrong, a man dies. What happens is truly horrific, but this one brutal act is what unites them all, and which sets in motion the events that then happen in the rest of the book.

This story is full of twists and turns that had me guessing what would happen next. And, in most cases I got it completely wrong. I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough in my quest to find out the truth. There are many secrets and truths to be unearthed, some of which shocked me and made me question who was telling the truth. Who could I trust?

This book was a joy to read, not only because of the high adrenaline plot, but also because of the many different characters who had their own story to telll. I warmed instantly to Matt, perhaps because the story was mainly told from his point of view. But, I did understand him and the decisions that he made. I believed in him.

The Six is a serial killer thriller unlike any I have read before. Highly original, you'll read it at break neck speed. It's that good.

With thanks to the publisher for the Advanced Reader Copy.

The Six is published on 26th December by Simon & Schuster 

Sunday, 27 October 2019

#StarveAcre #AndrewMichaelHurley @JohnMurray

About Starve Acre

The worst thing possible has happened. Richard and Juliette Willoughby's son, Ewan, has died suddenly at the age of five. Starve Acre, their house by the moors, was to be full of life, but is now a haunted place.

Juliette, convinced Ewan still lives there in some form, seeks the help of the Beacons, a seemingly benevolent group of occultists. Richard, to try and keep the boy out of his mind, has turned his attention to the field opposite the house, where he patiently digs the barren dirt in search of a legendary oak tree.

Starve Acre is a devastating new novel by the author of the prize-winning bestseller The Loney. It is a novel about the way in which grief splits the world in two and how, in searching for hope, we can so easily unearth horror.

My review of Starve Acre

I'll just start by highlighting the stunning artwork of this hardback copy. The image of an old tree that has a rope tied into a loose noose hanging from one of its branches sets the tone even before you read the first sentence. This is a story about grief, about a family ripped apart, of words unsaid , all of which are played out upon the bleak backdrop of Starve Acre. It's a haunting, beautiful and deeply disturbing read. It's a story that I won't forget any time soon, as it seeped into my bones. 

Starve Acre is an unsettling, honest and haunting read about how a couple deal with the death of a child. I could feel their grief, even taste it. 

Richard and Juliette moved to Starve Acre, the home where Richard's mother and father had lived, from their home in inner city Leeds to build a new life for themselves, a safe haven in the countryside to raise a family. When they have Ewan,  they allow him to play in the field of Starve Acre. He enjoys being outdoors, in the soil, with nature, but as we read about past events, as we make our way through the movel, strange things happen, and not everything is as it seems.

Starve Acre is a story about how a married couple struggle to come to terms with the death of their son. Richard divided his time between focusing on his research, hiding away in the study, and digging in the field of Starve Acre. Unearthing soil in his quest to find evidence of the old oak tree. We then have Juliette, who believes that swan is in the house, that he talks to her. We watch a young woman unravelling, and it's both uncomfortable and heartbreaking.

We read a story rooted in reality that then slowly reveals itself to be something totally unexpected. It's eerie, it's haunting and shocking. It's a compulsive read that draws you in with characters that are believable and who you begin to care about deeply. And I know that I will never forget that final page. 

With thanks to the publisher and Readers First for the advanced hardback copy. 

Starve Acre is published on 31st October by John Murray.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

#LetItSnow @SueMoorcroft @AvonBooksUK

About Let it Snow 

This Christmas, the villagers of Middledip are off on a very Swiss adventure…

Family means everything to Lily Cortez and her sister Zinnia, and growing up in their non-conventional family unit, they and their two mums couldn’t have been closer.

So it’s a bolt out of the blue when Lily finds her father wasn’t the anonymous one-night stand she’d always believed – and is in fact the result of her mum's reckless affair with a married man.

Confused, but determined to discover her true roots, Lily sets out to find the family she’s never known; an adventure that takes her from the frosted, thatched cottages of Middledip to the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland, via a memorable romantic encounter along the way…

My review of Let it Snow

Let it Snow is a book filled with warmth and joy.  It's a story about finding your place in the world, the importance of family and that you often find romance when you least expect it. I loved every page.

We follow Lily on her journey to Middledip, in her search for the family she never knew she had. What unfolds is a story of self-discovery, and one in which new friendships are formed as she travels to snowy Switzerland. It's a pure delight to read as we are with her every step of  the way. She is also such a likeable character that we want her to find the answers that she so desperately needs and to be happy. 

Sue Moorcroft writes engaging heart-warming stories with a romantic element at their very core, and Let it Snow is no exception. We meet Isaac very early on and watch how he interacts with Lily behind the bar in the village pub.  He too is an interesting characfer, chasing his own demons, very much like Lily. I wanted to know so much more about him, his past and if the two of them could heal each other. 

Let it Snow really is the perfect Christmas read. It's a warm hug of a book that makes everything feel ok. A much needed spark of joy when it's dark outside in these troubled and unsettling times. Highly recommended.

With thanks to the publisher for the Advanced Reader Copy.

Let it Snow is published by Avon and is available to buy now.

Friday, 11 October 2019

#SoLucky @hotpatooties @HarperCollinsUK

About So Lucky

Beth shows that women really can have it all.
Ruby lives life by her own rules.
And then there’s Lauren, living the dream.

Beth hasn’t had sex in a year.
Ruby feels like she’s failing.
Lauren’s happiness is fake news.
And it just takes one shocking event to make the truth come tumbling out…
Fearless, frank and for everyone who’s ever doubted themselves, So Lucky is the straight-talking new novel from the Sunday Times bestseller.

Actually, you’re pretty f****** lucky to be you.

My review of So Lucky

Oh where do I start with this fabulously honest and emotional book. I absolutely loved it. It made me laugh, it made me cry at times and it had me nodding my head, saying, 'oh my god, yes, that is so true'. It's a breath of fresh air with its straight talking and down to earth characters. I didn't want to put this book down.

We meet three very different women in this sfory, but what becomes very clear is that they are all living a very different life to the one that is shown on the surface. The powerful message here is that we shouldn't judge a woman by her cover, and this is such a strong and empowering message for everyone. Those outward appearances can be so very deceptive. 

All three women I found to be incredibly likeable and engaging. All of their stories rang so very true. They spoke of the insecurities that they felt, some to do with their physical appearance, their role in life as a mother, relationship difficulties, juggling motherhood with a career and how the image we present of ourselves on social media may not be true at all. It's a thought provoking read. 

So Lucky really is a heart -warning story about female friendship and support. It explores mental health issues related to body image, sexuality and social media AND I loved it for its honesty and rawness. 

So Lucky is a book that will resonate with so many women. It's about those insecurities that we all have, but the overall message is one of hope and love. This is a very special book. 

With thanks to the publisher for the Advanced Reader Copy.

So Lucky is published by Harper Collins
On 31st October.

Monday, 7 October 2019

#ADeathlySilence @JaneIsaacAuthor @Legend_Press

About A Deathly Silence

When the mutilated body of a police officer is found in a derelict factory, the Hamptonshire police force is shocked to the core.

DCI Helen Lavery returns from injury leave and is immediately plunged into an investigation like no other. Is this a random attack or is someone targeting the force? Organised crime groups or a lone killer?

As the net draws in, Helen finds the truth lies closer than she could have imagined, and trusts no one.

But Helen is facing a twisted killer who will stop at nothing to ensure their secrets remain hidden. And time is running out...

A gripping thriller perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, S.J. Watson, B A Paris and Sophie Hannah

My review of A Deathly Silence

A Deathly Silence is a gripping, thrilling and emotional read that I simply could not put down. This story about a young policewoman who is brutally murdered, a mother to two young children, really got under my skin. I had to find out why she had been killed and who had killed her.

Leading the investigation is DCI Helen Lavery, who has recently come back from leave following a traumatic case. From the moment I met Helen, I liked her. A working mum, a detective who is trying to keep her personal and professional lives separate, as she is trying to protect her two teenage boys from the gritty realities of a murder investigation. I liked her for her rawness, for her vulnerability and the fact that she wasn't afraid to show this side of her character. As we follow Helen through her thought processes and proceedures, we see the investigation through her eyes and the determination she has to  catch the killer.

This is a story about a brutal murder told with a pace that doesn't let up. There are so many cliff hangers, red herrings and twists and turns that I had no clue as to who the murderer was. There is also so much attention to police proceedure in this book, that the investigation felt authentic and shockingly real. Combine this with characters who fully engage the mind and soul and you have one cracking read. 

A Deathly Silence is an unsetllling, dark and emotional read. It's full of characters that you can't help but care about, a story that holds your attention from the very beginning and an ending that both shocked and unsettled me. It's a fabulous read and a story that will haunt me for a very long time. 

With thanks to the publisher for the Advanced Reader Copy.

A Deathly Silence is published on 15th October by Legend Press