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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Kiss Me Kill Me @JamesCarolBooks @bonnierzaffre

About Kiss Me Kill Me

She thought she could trust him. She was wrong . . .
When Zoe meets Dan, he's everything she is looking for in a man - intelligent, charming, supportive.
It's only after they're married that she realises that he's controlling, aggressive, paranoid.
And there's no way out.

Or is there?

Zoe knows she has to escape, but Dan's found her once before, and she knows he can find her again.
But Dan has plans of his own. Plans that don't necessarily include Zoe.

Be careful who you trust . . .

My review of Kiss Me Kill Me

Wow! Just wow! I loved everything about this book.  Kiss Me Kill Me is a dark psychological read that completely unnerved me from the very beginning, that undercurrent of foreboding,  that something bad was going to happen.  This is suspense writing at its very best. This book takes what you think you know, what you understand, and then completely turns it on its head.

The book focuses upon a married couple,  Zoe and Daniel. They seem to have the perfect marriage,  on the outside looking in, but things are far from perfect. Dan is a controlling,  manipulative and aggressive man. A cruel man, who differs greatly from the gentleman that Zoe first met. Zoe finds herself stuck in a loveless marriage. She escaped once before, but he found her. Can she do so again? Can she stay hidden this time?

The book is told in third person from both Zoe's and Daniel 's  point of view, during different parts of the book,  in 'Now' and 'Then' chapters, a format that I really enjoy.  This really helped me to understand the characters,  especially the Zoe before she met Dan. It's also a wonderful way to see both sides of a story, often with shocking results.

This book tackles the subject of an abusive relationship, but from a completely new angle.  It is empathetic,  sensitive, and knowledgeable about the subject matter, but at the same time manages to create a stunning psychological thriller about this controlling and abusive relationship that is both current and fresh.

This is a difficult book to review in terms of plot. It's twisted and there are many shocks along the way, outcomes that I never saw coming.  The characters enthralled me,  who they had been and what had happened to them. This is a book that is relentless in its pace,  but at the same time it is very much a character driven read. Zoe and Daniel both hooked me in and I needed to know more about each of them.

There are so many questions in this novel. Who can Zoe trust? Will she ever be truly free of her abusive and controlling husband? Will she be happy?  These are the questions that propelled me through the book. I wanted her to be happy.

Kiss Me Kill Me is a chilling and unsettling psychological thriller about a controlling  relationship.  Nothing in this book is at it first seems.  Settle down and enjoy,  you really are in for a treat.

Kiss Me Kill Me is published by Bonnier Zaffre in eBook on 22 Feb and paperback on
May 31. It can be found on Amazon here.

With thanks to the publisher and Emily from Bonnier Zaffire for the Advanced Reader Copy.

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