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Monday, 18 June 2018

#AfterHesGone @JaneIsaacAuthor

About After He's Gone

You think you know him. Until he’s dead. When Cameron Swift is gunned down outside his family home, DC Beth Chamberlain is appointed Family Liaison Officer: a dual role that requires her to support the family, and also investigate them. As the case unfolds and the body count climbs, Beth discovers that nothing is quite as it appears and everyone, it seems, has secrets. Even the dead…

My review of After He's Gone

You just know you're in for a treat when you pick up a Jane Isaac novel. I adored her Will Jackman detective series, and when I found out that she had written the first book in a new detective series featuring DC Beth Chamberlain, then I knew I just had to read it. And, oh my, it's a fantastic book featuring a female detective that grabs your attention and just won't let go.

From the very beginning I was sucked into this story. It begins with the murder of Cameron Swift outside his family home and, from that moment on, I just had to find out why he was killed and who killed him. This is when we meet Beth Chamberlain, who together with another police officer is appointed as the family's liaison officer. Although there to support the family under such tragic circumstances, she is also there to question the family, his wife, and to find out any secrets and motives for the murder.

From the moment I met Beth I liked her. Here is a young woman whose career is everything. But what I liked most about her was the fact that she was a character with so many layers. She has her professional side in which she strives for truth and justice, at any cost, but she is also a loving sister, devoted aunt, and a woman who is equally passionate about her  job and role in society. At times she is torn between her role as a DC in trying to track down a killer, and the aunt who wants to watch her niece in her swimming gala. The two worlds often clash, and for me this was both authentic and emotional reading.

After He's Gone is a compelling and emotive read. You can't help but be affected by what happens to the characters, and especially when reading about Beth. It's also a whopper of a murder mystery.  I really was kept in the dark as to who killed Cameron. I also changed my mind several times as the story progressed. It definitely kept me on my toes.

The heart of this story is embedded in family values, what it means to raise and be a family, and what it means to be a husband or wife. It also highlights the fact that we all have our secrets, but that some turn out to be deadly. This really is a hugely refreshing and enjoyable read and I can't wait to read the next instalment in the Beth Chamberlain series that's out later in the year.

With thanks to the author who kindly sent me a digital copy for review purposes.

After He's Gone is published on 18th June.

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